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How to select the right Chromatography Vial

There are several factors to consider when selecting chromatography vials for your laboratory.
Here is a guideline for you to get started:

Vial material

Chromatography vials are usually made of clear glass or plastic. Amber-tinted vials are ideal for samples that are easily damageable or sensitive to UV light.

Glass vials are a common choice as it is pure and more heat resistant than plastic. However, some samples are sensitive to glass or stick to glass.

Plastic vials can be used to provide a higher chemical resistance and lighter weight construction. Polypropylene is common for plastic vials due to its good chemical resistance for short term storage.

Vial Closure

The right cap and septum will help to prevent contamination and avoid damage to the needle and instrument. The types of caps and septa available include:

Screw Thread Vials
Screw thread vials are typically used for HPLC and LCMS analysis. Screw thread vials do not require additional tools for attaching or removing the cap.

Crimp Top Vials
Crimp top vials are commonly used as a GC Vial for gas chromatography analysis. Crimp top vials are used with aluminum crimp seals to create a more permanent closure.

Snap Top Vials
Snap Top vials are typically used for HPLC or LCMS analysis. The cap is easily applied and removed, without requiring special tools. However the seal is not as secure as compared to Crimp Top or Screw Thread Vials.
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