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Metabolic Measurement

Parvo Medics’ TrueOne® 2400 is a compact, integrated metabolic measurement system for cardiopulmonary stress testing, indirect calorimetry, and maximal O2 consumption measurement.

TrueOne® 2400

  • Athletic Testing
  • Exercise Physiology Lab for exercise prescription
  • Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Evaluation
  • Energy/Nutritional Assessment
  • Cardiopulmonary Stress Testing
  • Differential Diagnosis


Standard Measurements

  • Metabolic equivalents (METS)
  • Maximal oxygen uptake (V02)
  • Minute ventilation (VE)
  • Ventilatory equivalents (VE/V02 VE/VC02)
  • Respiratory gas exchange ration (RER)
  • Carbon dioxide production (VC02)
  • Ergometer work (watts)
  • Treadmill work (speed & elevation)

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