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Thermal Analysers

Thermal Analysis is the term used to describe the analysis of the physical and chemical properties of a sample as a function of temperature or time. The sample is subjected to a temperature program, which consists of a series of pre-selected segments, in which the sample is heated or cooled at a constant rate or held at a constant temperature.


Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) DSC7020


The DSC7020, which has a high sensitivity and flat reproducible baselines, is an ideal DSC system for routine quality control and research purposes. It features a unique oval shaped sensor which provides the shortest thermal path between sample and reference, resulting in faster thermal response and improvement in resolution. The DSC7020 is suitable for a wide application range including the analysis of weak transitions, low mass samples and safety evaluation tests.




  • Wide Temperature Range (-170 to 725°C)
  • Sensitivity 0.2 µW
  • RMS Noise 0.1 µW
  • Scanning rates: 0.01 to 100 °C/min
  • Smallest sample pans for best heat transfer
  • Autosampler available
  • Choice of cooling systems available


High Sensitivity Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) DSC7000X


The DSC 7000X incorporates a new sensor design to achieve extremely precise readings. A sensitivity level of 0.1 μW is obtained by using a combination of multiple thermocouples for high sensitivity, while heat flow is distributed evenly to the sample and reference plates. This allows for extremely stable baselines.

A new insulated furnace design, combined with modular cooling units, gives the DSC7000X precise temperature control, and a low baseline repeatability of +/- 5 μW. Low heat capacity and three layer insulationdesign optimized by advanced computer modeling minimizes influence of external condition and therefore avoid baseline fluctuation and improves in signal to noise ratio. The DSC 7000X is ideal for a variety of applications, including small samples, real-time sample observation, and photochemical reactions as well as general DSC measurements.


  • Unbeatable DSC sensitivity and repeatability
  • Wide temperature range (-150 to 725°C)
  • Sensitivity 0.1 µW
  • RMS Noise 0.05 µW
  • Scanning rates: 0.01 to 100 °C/min
  • Smallest sample pans for best heat transfer
  • Autosampler available
  • Real-time sample observation during measurement


DSC analysis data and real-time monitoring image using RV-1D on the DSC7020.

(Sample: approx. 5mg of polyethylene terephthalate bottle spout, Heating rate: 10°C/min)



Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analyser (STA) STA7000 Series


The newly developed STA7000 is a high performance simultaneous thermogravimetry (TG/DTA), differential thermal analysis (DTA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analyser. It incorporates a horizontal dual beam balance design to ensure the gas flow is perpendicular to the weight direction, which means that there is no interference caused by purge gas flows and buoyancy effects, even when using high gas flows up to 1000 ml/min. Other interferences such as chimney, convection and thermal molecular flow effects are also eliminated.


  • Horizontal dual beam design provides zero drift baseline drift in the µg range
  • Wide measurement range of ± 400mg
  • Simultaneous TG/DTA
  • Temperatures up to 1,500°C
  • Autosampler available
  • Real-time sample observation during measurement



Dynamic Mechanical Analyser (DMA) DMA7100


The DMA7100 measures the viscoelastic properties of a sample as a function of frequency, time, temperature, stress, strain and the environment.

The advanced design of the DMA7100 features a large force range up to 18 N, which allows the handling of a wide range of sample configurations and stiffness ranging from single fibres and films to thick reinforced composites. The instrument covers the unbelievable modulus range from 10³ to 10¹² Pa.


  • Variety of Deformation modes
  • Tension, Dual Cantilever Bending, Compression and Shear
  • Thermal Expansion Correction
  • Single Fibre to Stiff Bulk Sample Measurements
  • Unsurpassed Temperature Control
  • Temperature Range -150 to 600°C



Thermomechanical Analyser (TMA) TMA7000


The TMA7000 offers a broad load range from 0.01 mN to 5.8 N, which provides maximum sample measurement capability, ranging from single fibre to stiff bulk composites. The displacement range of ± 5 mm allows TMA7000 to handle a wide range of samples and application demands.

It can measure a wide range of samples, including thin film and small samples, because the total measurement method has no shape restrictions. Furthermore, the TMA7000 can be switched to push, penetration or tension mode by simply exchanging the probe. A full lineup of options, including an automatic cooling unit, ensures ease of use and highly accurate measurement


  • Large Available Measurement Range
  • Large Load Range
  • High Sensitivity ( RMS noise/Sensitivity 0.005µm/0.01 µm)
  • Automatic Sample Dimension Measurement
  • Temperature Range -150 to 1500°C