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Strata™-X polymeric SPE

Capitalize on Cleanliness without Sacrificing Recovery With Strata™-X polymeric SPE sorbents the guesswork that leads to lengthy method development is eliminated. Unique selectivities have been developed to cover a diverse spectrum of analytes, and simplify the method development process for fast and efficient sample preparation.

  • Tightly retain analytes by several different sorbent-analyte interactions
  • Remove unwanted contaminants including phospholipids for superior chromatography
  • Large particle, large pore options available for large volume or viscous samples as well as target analytes that exceed 10 kDa


roQ QuEChERS Kits

An Improved Solution for Multi-Residue Analysis from Food

roQ QuEChERS Kits make sample preparation easy. The QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe) Method is a quick and efficient process to extract multi-residue target compounds from food samples while removing unwanted interferences such as organic acids, lipids, pigments, sugars, and more. roQ QuEChERS kits contain centrifuge tubes, pre-weighed salts in convenient single-use packets, and pre-weighed and packed dSPE centrifuge tubes. 

  • Cleaner Extracts.
roQ kits contain low extractable centrifuge tubes
  • Avoid Leaky Tubes.
Our tubes are designed to seal completely
  • Easily Weigh Out Samples.
Stand alone centrifuge tubes make sample analysis easy
  • No Mess Salt Packets.
Easy pour spouts eliminate spills during salt addition




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