Metabolic Measurement

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Pravo Medic

The ParvoMedics TrueOne® 2400, is a compact, integrated metabolic measurement system for cardiopulmonary stress testing, indirect calorimetry, and maximal O2 consumption measurement.

The TrueOne® 2400 meets the need for obtaining resting and exercise metabolic measurements and providing clear reports. It is developed and manufactured by ParvoMedics in USA.

Pravo Medic TrueOne 

Applications for the ParvoMedicsTrueOne® 2400

  • Athletic Testing
  • Exercise Physiology Lab for exercise prescription
  • Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Evaluation
  • Energy/Nutritional Assessment
  • Cardiopulmonary Stress Testing
  • Differential Diagnosis


Standard Measurements

  • Metabolic equivalents (METS)
  • Maximal oxygen uptake (V02)
  • Minute ventilation (VE)
  • Ventilatory equivalents (VE/V02 VE/VC02)
  • Respiratory gas exchange ration (RER)
  • Carbon dioxide production (VC02)
  • Ergometer work (watts)
  • Treadmill work (speed & elevation)


02 Analyzer

  • Infrared
  • Range: 0-10%
  • Accuracy: 0.1%
  • Response < 90 ms


Flow/Volume Measurement

  • Rudolph heated pneumotach
  • Range: 0-800 Liters/minutes
  • Accuracy: +/-2% with Precision "Yeh" Algorithm

In the US, the PravoMedics TrueOne® is used by Exercise Physiologists in NASA, NIH, U.S. Olympic Training Centers, USARIEM, Cooper Institute, and in Duke, Harvard, Stanford, Washington, Florida, Tennessee, and Penn State Universities. In Singapore, the current users of the ParvoMedics TrueOne® include Sports Science Institutions, Research Institutes, and Hospitals.