Pilot Plants

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Since 1986, Zeton has designed and developed pilot plants that bridge the gap between bench-scale chemistry and commercial manufacturing. Zeton operates from Burlington, Canada, and Enschede, The Netherlands, and has successfully completed over 700 projects in 35 countries across six continents.

Zeton provides specific equipment, control and instrumentation solutions across a wide variety of industries, customizing each pilot plant to deliver the necessary research results.


Among the pilot plant technologies that Zeton has experience in designing and manufacturing are:

  • Alkoxylation Ethylene Oxide plant
  • Chlorinated fluorocarbons plant
  • Coal gasification plant
  • Coal gasification liquor filtration plant
  • Coal liquefaction / heavy oil co-processor
  • Coal pyrolysis pilot plant
  • Continuous solution phase PE double loop PP unit
  • Delayed coking pilot plant
  • Distillation units
  • Ebullated bed pilot plant
  • Electrocoagulation fines removal pilot plant
  • Emulsion polymers
  • Ethylene styrene interpolymer
  • FT pilot plant
  • Feed Preparation Units
  • Fixed bed reactor for monolith testing
  • Furfural extraction of lube oils
  • Gasphase PE polymerization (CTSR and fluidised bed)
  • Grace Davison Circulating Riser (DCR) for FCC catalyst evaluation
  • GTL pilot plants
  • HDPE high pressure emulsion plant
  • Heavy oil hydroprocessing
  • Ketone/Solvent dewaxing
  • Multi-reactor polystyrene (PS) plant
  • Multi-skid, pressure acid leach pilot plant(s)
  • Oil desalting pilot plant
  • Pervaporation pilot unit
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates mini-plant
  • Polycarbonates (PC)
  • Polyurethanes
  • PP plant with GPR
  • Pressure oxidative leach pilot plants
  • Slurry phase PE (loop reactor)
  • Solution / slurry phase PE polymerization
  • Syndiotactic polystyrene
  • Synthetic rubber pilot plant
  • Water treatment pilot plant