Tablet Friability Tester

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FRV-2000 Friability Tester

The FRV-2000 Friability Tester is used to test for determining the resistance of tablets to abrasion and shock caused in the manufacturing, packing and shipping process. Such stress leads to capping, chipping, abrasion and breakage of the tablets. The FRV-2000 features two drums which can be used to analyse two samples simultaneously. The drums do not have to be removed for loading and removing samples for the analysis.

FRV 2000 Friability Tester

  • For USP and Ph.Eur. 2.9.7 compliance
  • Introduce & remove tablets without removing drum from unit
  • Supports friability and abrasion drums
  • Variable speed between 20 to 60 rpm
  • Drums can be tilted 10º to prevent large tablet binding (Optional)


The FRV-2000 can also be configured with an abrasion drum for carrying out tests into attrition. The abrasion drum consists of a series of baffles, which carry the tablets to a predetermined height before sliding off, to reproduce the action of the tablets rubbing against each other during transport. The FRV-2000 can be configured with a friability drum and an abrasion drum to allow comparisons to be made between the two parameters under identical conditions.

Alternatively, the FRV-1000 is a single drum version that offers the same level of performance and functionality as the FRV-2000.