Powder Flowability Tester

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BEP-2 Powder Flowability Tester

The BEP-2 Powder Flowability Tester is designed according to the USP . It is a single cost effective solution and can be configured to perform the following test methods – Flow through an Orifice, Angle of Repose and Shear Cell (3 of the 4 commonly used methods as described under USP<1174>. The BEP-2 is an easy to use, small footprint instrument with interchangeable cylinder, funnel, angle-of-repose and shear cell attachments.

BEP 2 Powder Flowability Tester

  • Powder testing as according to USP
  • Flow through an Orifice
  • Angle of Repose
  • Shear Cell

The JV-2000 Tapped Density Tester can be used to obtain the Compressibility Index and Hausner Ratio, which is the one of the four methods mentioned under USP<1174> Powder Flow.