Inhalant Tester

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Inhalant Delivered Dosage Testers

The uniformity of the delivered dosage of drugs by inhalants is a critical quality attribute in determining the safety, quality and efficacy of the device. Sampling apparatus for Metered Drug Inhalers and Dry Powder Inhalers are available.

Dosage Unit Sampling Apparatus for Metered Dose InhalersMetered Dose Inhaler Tester

  • Flow rate: 28.3 L/min
  • Filter: 0.3 μm
  • Sample Collection Tube: 50 ml



Dosage Unit Sampling Apparatus for Dry Powder Inhalers

  • Capable of sampling various flow rates up to 100 L/minDry Powder Inhaler Tester
  • Pressure tap to control pressure drop across the device
  • Flow volume can be adjusted to a specific volume such as 2L or 4L