Surfer Surface Area Analyser

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Thermo Fisher

The Surfer is used in sorptometry to study the surface properties of solids and powders such as surface area, pore size distribution, total pore volume and exposed metal surface area & metal dispersion in catalysts. The Surfer is based on static volumetric gas adsorption and can perform physisorption and chemisorption.

Specific Surface Area Analyser Based on Static Volume TechniqueThe Surfer covers the range of meso, micro, ultra-micro and extended mesopore ranges.

  • Improved design of stainless steel manifold for unmatched vacuum degree over the sample to analyse ultra-micro porous materials
  • Reduced manifold dead volume
  • Improved gas detection sensitivity by extreme pressure stabilisation
  • Reduced sample load and analysis time
  • New gas injection system to introduce precisely extremely small and large amounts of adsorptive, without adding any dead volume during gas equilibrium
  • New long lasting liquid coolant level control for best stabilisation of pressure