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Microstructure Thermal Analyser

DSC is the default instrument to study phase transition in a material in response to thermal changes. It is a powerful instrument that provides complex thermodynamic properties such as enthalpy and specific heat capacity. However, if your intention is simply to identify the transition temperature of thermal events without too much hassle, then the Rheolaser Crystal would be well suited to meet your needs.

Based on MultiSpeckle Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy (MS-DWS), the Rheolaser Crystal detects changes to the microstructure of the material during transitional events due to thermal stress (temperature ramps and cycles). Solids, liquids or gels can be easily analysed. It offers unique advantages such as handling complex blends/mixtures, analysing larger bulk samples up to 5 g and not requiring crimping or a purge gas to run the analysis. Detect melting, crystallization and other polymorphic transitions in bulk samples at the click of a button.

A few common applications are fat blooming in chocolates, exudation of oil droplets in lipsticks, crystal formation inside ointment. The temperature can be adjusted to replicate the conditions that finished products are exposed to during their life cycle, thereby performing accelerated thermal aging.


Rheolaser CRYSTAL offers fast and simple thermal study of phase transitions, with easy sample handling and direct thermal analysis with no risk of damaging the sample structure.

Its user-friendly software monitors particle mobility, sample evolution and conducts accelerated aging cycles in just one click.

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