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Catalyst Characterisation System

The characterisation of surface properties and reactivity is the most time consuming procedure in catalyst development. The TPDRO 1100 is a fully automated catalyst characterization system to perform temperature programmed desorption (TPD), reduction (TPR), oxidation (TPO) and pulse chemisorptions on heterogeneous supported catalysts and reactive solids.

Fundamental properties of catalysts such as metal surface area, dispersion, acid/base sites concentration and activation energy can be determined by time consuming procedures that have to be exactly repeated to obtain reproducible data. Therefore, a fully automated system is required to replicate the programme sequences.

The TPDRO 1100 can perform the activation of one catalyst sample while analyzing another simultaneously, thereby saving valuable time. The reaction or desorption profile may be used qualitatively to fingerprint a given catalyst system. It is also possible to make a quantitative evaluation on the nature of the chemical processes, the amount of gas involved in the chemical reaction and calculate the number of the active sites, as well as the reducibility degree of the sample in relation to the catalytic activity.

TPDRO 1100

The TPDRO 1100 features a highly sensitive four-filament TCD detector and can be connected with a Mass Spectrometer (MS) for unambiguous identification of outgassing components. The TPDRO 1100 provides fast, simple and high quality results for catalyst characterisation.

  • Unique micro-reactor design to isolate samples from atmospheric gases during transferring from pretreatment to analysis port, allow pretreatment with toxic gases to be carried out separately in a fume hood and does not require the system to be enclosed in a fume hood
  • Activated samples can be stored in reactor under inert gas contaminations without any time limit
  • Independent reactors for pretreatment and analysis to save time
  • High sensitivity TCD detector for trace gas detection

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