High Throughput Synthesizers

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Zinsser Analytic

Zinsser Analytic GmbH, with headquarters in Germany, manufactures systems and tools for Drug Discovery, Liquid Handling, Powder Handling, Automated Weighing, and Organic Synthesis that provide innovative laboratory solutions for modern drug discovery, material science and combinatorial chemistry.

SOPHAS - Automated Synthesizer

The SOPHAS represents a new generation of automatic modular solid phase synthesizers capable of many hundred syntheses in a single run. It comprises of a workbench with liquid handling, heating, cooling and mixing functions, as well as many optional tools such as powder handling, weighing, microwave-assisted synthesis, sonication and pH measurement & adjustment.

The SOPHAS offers a choice of reactors ranging from 96 well plates to 25 ml reaction vessels. The system uses 4 independent pipetting probes. These are designed especially for the needs of solid phase chemistry, by allowing filtration from the top of the reactors without loss of resin. A newly developed "resin-wash" mode takes advantage of the three independent liquid channels of the probe.

Zinsser SOPHASThe channels simultaneously aspirate, add washing solution and nitrogen. The system can distribute six different system liquids and inert gases. The system provides fast heating and cooling between -40°C (-80°C optional) and +150°C along with mechanical agitation by newly developed high- speed, low noise vortexers at any stage of the synthesis and at any position of the workbench. Speeds and temperatures can be set individually and are totally software controlled. As an option, pick-up tools can be supplied with sensors for level detection, temperature measurement and pH control to monitor the chemical reactions.


SOPHAS Hy - Speeding up the process of discovery and optimisation

Zinsser SOPHAS HYThe SOPHAS Hy system is an automatic system for synthesis and sample preparation that comprises liquid handling, heating, cooling and mixing functions with the continuous flow chemistry reactor H-Cube and many optional tools to aid your synthesis such as powder handling, weighing, microwave-assisted synthesis, sonication and pH measurement & adjustment.




NAVIGATOR™ - Microwave-Assisted Synthesis

The NAVIGATOR™, with an integrated microwave synthesizer, offers the various options of a pipetting robot: accurate dispensing of dry materials such as powders, resins and salts as well as accurate liquid handling, mixing, reagent addition and level detection of liquids.

Zinsser NavigatorDisposable tips can be used for contamination-free pipetting. Integrated with shakers, cooling or heating vortexers, vacuum stations and balances it becomes a unique chemical workstation. For safe microwave treatment the pressure seals are automatically put on the reaction tubes prior to feeding it into the microwave. It also de-caps the tubes if necessary for sample addition or retrieval.