Crude and Detergent Fiber Analysis

Determining the concentration of fiber in a feed is the most common goal of fiber analysis. In forages commonly fed to livestock, fiber refers to the plant cell wall.

Plant cells can be divided into less digestible cell walls (contains hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin) and mostly digestible cell contents (contains starch and sugars). Van Soest has demonstrated that these two components can be separated by using two detergents – a Neutral Detergent and an Acid Detergent. Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) is a good indicator of "bulk" and thus feed intake (NDF = Hemicellulose + Cellulose + Lignin). NDF is the most common measure of fiber used for animal feed analysis. Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF) is a good indicator of digestibility and thus energy intake (ADF = Cellulose + Lignin)

ANKOM TECHNOLOGY Filter Bag Technology

ANKOM Technology is the developer of Filter Bag Technology (FBT). FBT provides a state-of- the-art alternative to Soxhlet- and Soxtec-type extraction methods for fiber analysis.

Filter Bag TechnologyUnlike conventional Soxhlet extraction, FBT allows for batch extraction and precise control. FBT also provides a higher level of automation compared to conventional Soxhlet and Soxtec-type methods for fat analysis and fiber analysis.

With the use of Filter Bags, productivity soars as samples are batch processed in an automated or semi-automated system. The number of samples per day your laboratory can process per day will dramatically increase. In addition, samples are completely encapsulated which ensures ease of handling and virtually eliminates error and increases precision. Operator exposure to chemicals is reduced or eliminated, thereby increasing lab safety.

Filter Bag TechnologyAt the heart of Filter Bag Technology (FBT) is the F57 filter bags which are specifically designed to provide accurate and precise results. A 3D-filtration matrix is specially designed to ensure maximum solvent/solution flow without allowing fine particle loss. The F57 filter bags are Nitrogen and ash free and are capable of withstanding 72%Sulfuric Acid. The porosity of the F57 filter bag is 25 microns.




The ANKOM 2000is capable of ADF, NDF and Crude Fiber (CF) analysis. The results from the ANKOM 2000 are precise and accurate in comparison to conventional methods of ADF, NDF and CF analysis.

The ANKOM 2000 eliminates chemical and hot water handling. Samples are prepared using ANKOM Filter Bag Technology and placed in a bag suspender. At that point the technician simply selects the analytical method on the computer controller and pushes a button. The system automatically adds the appropriate chemicals and performs the necessary rinses. The solution is heated and solublization takes place without manual intervention. When the process is complete, the technician simply removes the bags and completes a final drying before weighing the samples.

ANKOM A2000 Automated Fiber Analyzer

  • Performs Crude Fiber, ADF and NDF determinations
  • Fully Automated Operation and Microprocessor Controlled
  • Automatically Adds Solutions & Rinseses
  • Accurate and Precise Results
  • Batch Process up to 24 samples
  • Easy-to-use/Labor Saving




The ANKOM 2000 Fiber Analyzer provides a low-cost alternative to the ANKOM 2000. Technicians simply add the required solutions and hot water rinses according to the method and the ANKOM 2000handles the rest.

ANKOM 2000 Fiber Analyzer

  • Performs Crude Fiber, ADF and NDF determinations
  • Accurate and Precise Results
  • Batch Process up to 24 samples
  • Economical and Efficient
  • Eliminates Variability
  • Low Cost/Labor Saving
  • Easy to Use
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