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TOC analysis

The increasing importance of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Monitoring

The United States Pharmacopoeia, (USP , and the European Pharmacopoeia, EP 2.2.44, have made Total Organic carbon (TOC) analysis a standard quality test for the production of Purified water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI).

The power generation industry recognizes TOC contamination to be a significant corrosion contributor, which can reduce the life of boilers, reactors and turbine blades. Semiconductor geometry reductions, accompanied by increases in circuit densities, have made it a requirement for semiconductor manufacturers to monitor TOC levels at all stages of process water up to the point-of-use. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has instituted rules that require the monitoring of TOC in drinking water.


Online TOC Monitoring membraPure offers German-made technology for the online monitoring of TOC in pharmaceutical water, semiconductor process water, and in power generation plants. The uniTOC online TOC analyzer, with UV oxidation and NDIR detection, operates almost free of maintenance, allowing online TOC determination under optimal conditions in many different fields of applications like pharmaceutical industry, microelectronics, chemical industry as well as the production and surveillance of potable water.

For pharmaceutical applications, the uniTOC allows for standard suitability test in accordance with US Pharmacopoeia/European Pharmacopoeia, and in conformity with CFR 21part 11.


The miniTOC uses UV-oxidation and conductivity detection (for pure and ultrapure applications), thereby offering an entry level systems that allows the measurement of TOC content at every second.