GPC/SEC Standards and Columns


PSS is one of the world‘s largest manufacturers of reference polymers copolymers, and customer-designed polymers. A great selection of polymer types in a wide range of molar masses is produced regularly.

The PSS reference materials are characterized extensively by modern analytical methods. They are available in various characterization levels: GPC, DIN Certified Standards, MALDI validation standards, Light Scattering, Viscometry and Certified Reference Materials. Their suitability for a given application depends on the polydispersity, or the level of characterization. Reference polymers come as individual standards or assembled into kits.

Column Selection

A GPC/SEC column can be selected by different criteria depending on your analytical goal (highest resolution, product screening, etc.). In general, the sample is the determining factor of the column of choice: the polarity of the sample defines the polarity of the solvent and therefore also that of the stationary phase of the column to be used. We offer a selection of stationary phases of different polarities.

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