GPC Detectors

GPC Detectors

Our range of GPC detectors can be connected to any brand (such as Agilent, Waters, etc.) of GPC system. All detectors feature a colour LCD touch screen display, similar to the SEC-3010 system. The various types of detectors provide different types of information which complement each other and provide a robust understanding of the sample. A combination of detectors can be connected in sequence after the column oven to measure the various parameters as they are eluted from the column.


Ultraviolet detector

The use of UV detection in GPC is usually limited, as most synthetic polymers do not absorb UV light. However, there are cases where UV detection is extremely useful, such as for co-polymer analysis and to detect low molecular weight impurities. UV detectors can also be used in GFC as a detector for proteins and other biomacromolecules. The SEC-3010 Multi Wavelength UV concentration detector is a rapid scanning instrument that is able to detect absorption at up to four wavelengths (between 190 and 860 nm) simultaneously. This enables it to detect the concentration of compounds with different UV characteristic at the same time.

Viscosity detector

The viscosity detector is used to measure the intrinsic viscosity (ETA) to provide information on branching. The viscosity detector features a unique patented bridge design. Compared to other competing models, this viscometer offers superb sensitivity and signal/noise ratio without the drawbacks of other designs like waiting for sample breakthrough or internal delay after each injection. The Viscosity detector is suitable with any solvent (including strong acids) at temperatures up to 80°C.

Refractive Index & Viscosity detector


The refractive index/viscosity detector is a Dual-Detector that consists of a refractometer and a viscometer. This detector is not just two detectors sharing a common housing. The patented design features the refractometer as an integral component of the viscometer bridge, thereby allowing the measurement of concentration and viscosity (2 different parameters)to take place on the same sample segment, at the same time. Compared to competing detectors with the common “external” connection of the two detectors, the SEC-3010 Dual-Detector provides the highest achievable sensitivity by a factor of 2 to 5, near ZERO delay volume and unsurpassed overall performance.





Multi Angle Light Scattering (MALS) detector


The multi angle light scattering (MALS) detector quickly, easily, and accurately determines the absolute molecular weight of proteins and polymers. It eliminates SEC/GPC column calibration and improves data quality. In addition, it rapidly reduces uncertainty with no assumptions required and true extrapolation to zero angle. Best of all, our MALS detector has the highest performance/price ratio of any light scattering detector used for molecular weight determination.




Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) detector


The dynamic light scattering (DLS) detector is the gateway to absolute nanoparticle sizing of proteins and their aggregates (oligomers), polymers, dendrimers, micelles, and other colloidal materials. Used either online (Absolute Size Exclusion Chromatography - ASEC), or in batch-mode, it is an excellent tool for determination of hydrodynamic radii from 0.5 nm to a few microns.

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