GPC Software


WinGPC UniChrom is more than just a GPC/SEC software: it is a modular macromolecular chromatography data system to fully implement GPC/SEC, Polymer-HPLC, LACCC and 2D chromatography within the laboratory. It's market-wide compatibility allows to capitalize on previous investments: one software solution to integrate all resources and to streamline laboratory processes.

WinGPC is available as stand-alone/network and as Client/Server version. The difference of the two versions is the instrument management and the accessibility. Functionality, features, data acquisition hardware, and software modules are the same for both versions.

GPC Software

WinGPC UniChrom General Features

  • 35% time and eluent saving with the overlaid injection feature
  • fully automated sample database with preview and comprehensive search function for fast access to all sample information (method, raw data, meta data, results)
  • ease of use through the clear user interface and the software wizards for advanced functions
  • powerful overlays for chromatograms, results, calibrations with mathematical overlay calculation functions
  • automatic, quick and interactive data evaluation and calibration even during sequence runtime
  • optional internal standard correction / flow correction
  • add modules to expand the analytical power of your system

WinGPC Results:

  • average molar masses (e.g. Mn, Mw, Mz, PDI, peak area) for one or more peaks within a sample
  • true molecular weight distributions w(log(M)) vs. log M
  • cumulative distribution and number distribution
  • molecular weight maxima, minima and inflection points
  • amount above/below user selectable molecular weight limits (e.g. < 500 g/mol)
  • compound identification, amount of compound (e.g. for polymer, residual monomer, solvent, additives)
  • sieve curves, user defined retention values (e.g. molar mass for 95% retention), pore sizes
  • calculated intrinsic viscosity
  • mass recovery

with modules and multiple detection:

  • intrinsic and specific viscosity, branching index g', g' averages
  • Mark-Houwink coefficients and structure information
  • radius of gyration averages, branching information g, g averages, on-line dn/dc
  • average chemical composition, comonomer distribution, copolymer average molecular weight
  • skew and width of compositional distribution
  • functionality distribution
  • 2D plots with molecular weights and concentration

Reporting options WinGPC UniChrom lets you manage reports in multiple ways:

  • use the WinGPC standard print layouts to print results, overlays, calibration curves and more
  • export any WinGPC graphic to word processing tools (e.g Microsoft Word or Power Point)
  • transfer reports or data to the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems)
  • prepare electronic records in various report such as pdf or HTML

Supported detectors and instruments

System/Detector control via WinGPC ChromPilot is available for

RI (refractive index)
ELSD (evaporating light scattering detector)
on-line light scattering detectors
on-line viscometer
any, e.g. PSS, Agilent, Waters, Shodex, and others
any, e.g. PSS, Agilent, Waters, Perkin Elmer, JASCO, and others
any, e.g. PSS, Shodex, and others
any, e.g. PSS, Agilent, and others
any, e.g. PSS, BIC, Wyatt (DAWN DSP DAWN EOS, Mini-Dawn, etc.), Malvern/Viscotek, PDI, and others
any, e.g. PSS, Agilent, WGE, Malvern/Viscotek, and others

In addition WinGPC supports all detectors with analog output and several detectors with digital data output. WinGPC's data acquisition hardware allows the vendor independent connection to any LC instrument (PSS, Agilent, PE, PL/Varian, Waters, and many others).

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