Lux Polysaccharide HPLC Chiral Columns


Optimize your chiral separation and purification with Lux® polysaccharide HPLC chiral columns. The Lux family of amylose and cellulose chiral selectors provides a variety of complementary selectivities that allow you to screen for the most effective chiral separation under Reversed Phase, Polar Organic, Normal Phase, and SFC conditions.

Why choose Lux® polysaccharide HPLC chiral columns?

  • Stable in normal phase, polar organic, SFC, and reversed phase conditions
  • Pressure stable up to 300 bar
  • High efficiency and loading capacity


Column Screening for Optimal Chiral Resolution

Utilizing differences in selectivity in each of the five Lux columns can help develop methods more efficiently by offering broad and complementary chiral recognition abilities. With five unique and complementary polysaccharide phases for screening, chiral method development just got easier. The more phases you have available to screen, the greater the chance of achieving optimal chiral resolution.


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